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Russian Mining Chemical CompanyRussianMining ChemicalCompany qq空间212事件番号 精彩完整视频,玖玖资源365在线观看视频在线 高清大全 Manufacturer of innovative high-Mg products�for industry, agriculture and environment
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Flux for steelmaking in converter
Flux for steelmaking in converter

Currently, the steel plants need to increase the service life of the lining of converters during the slag blowing by nitrogen. For this purpose complex magnesia fluxes based on dolomite and magnesite are used.

High-Mg flux FluMag® is used for the infliction of high-strength slag skull on the converter lining, as well as for increasing of the durability of the scull coating during steelmaking in process of blowing of slag by nitrogen and for adding in filling scrap.

Acting mechanism of high-Mg flux FluMag�

Application�of the slag skull on converter lining
  1. Adding of magnesia flux FluMag� to the remaining slag after discharging of metal from converter
  2. Slag saturation by magnesium oxide with forming of periclase phases (MgO); magneziowustite (MgO x FeO); magnesioferrite (MgO�Fe2O3)
  3. Drawing of the slag skull on converter lining by high-pressurenitrogen
Increasing of resistance of the coating on the ledge of the converter lining

  1. Adding FluMag� flux on piled scrap metal in the converter.
  2. Roasting of flux by pour iron (t = 1300 — 1400 °C) with forming of periclase (MgO) in�thicker of�scrap and removing of�H2�into the�atmosphere.

Using FluMag� flux during adding in filling scrap allows keeping scull cover longer during melting due to high content of MgO and decrease of FeO activity in first few minutes.


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